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Snack Conversion

I wish all the snacks that keep making their way into my mouth would translate into a lyric. I'm so hungry all the time and I never get full, and that's what's going on right now with my songs - I'm only able to say things musically, but without words. I'm hungry for music, and when it's time for lyrics, I'm full. And my lyric output used to be so awesome, and fast. Now, I wish I could fast, but all I do is snack. I'd like to enter my snacks into some kind of Conversion machine: one jelly bean = one lyrical line about a past relationship one piece of buttered toast = a spiritual growth lyric for a bridge one handful of tortilla chips = a chorus that expresses the heart of the masses So through this machine, I eat but I also get words. I like that. I like it a lot. Or maybe, a simpler solution: I could just listen to my stomach. Clearly it's getting all the attention nowadays. It might have a wise word or two.